Trusted Saticfied Customers


We are a group of entrepreneurs, producers, and artists with more than 20 collective years in cannabis and creative marketing. Our team formed by a shared vision: to make quality cannabis experiences accessible to our communities, at a humble price. Our expertise in brand, marketing, and music combined with our depth of cannabis knowledge defines our unique approach. Together we have the capacity to go beyond our competitors with unparalleled touchpoints on all aspects of our business—our industry know-how and trusted relationships empower us to source the best flower in the market, our creative talent dreams up packaging and presentation that sets our aesthetic apart, our community of artists and musicians brings an experiential edge to our activation, partnership, and pop-up offerings, and our brand-marketing leaders maintain integral relationships, develop top B2C campaign strategies, and establish reliable B2B support systems that keep our delivery, education, and engagement consistent and reliable for our consumers and business partners.

We imagine a world where old school culture is not lost, but celebrated—where the OG community stays strong, and quality cannabis remains accessible for all of us

OUR Commitments

To limited drops

To the future of flower.

To a high grade, & humble price.

To quality cannabis for all.

To move people—inspiring community & creativity